Welcome to Pauli Anne Dolls website!

Hello Friends!

Recent time I get more and more questions about my services. You ask about prices, conditions and how to order a faceup from me. I was always trying to do my best to inform each one of you personally, but I’m not always available, sometimes very busy, so I though – it’s time to do something! I gathered all the information, some nice pictures and created (or actually had created by my dear friend and a programmer at the same time, thanks!!!) this place.

The main purpose of this website  is your convenience. I hope you like the design and functionality, but if you happen to have any suggestions, please go ahead and let me know! That would be very appreciated.

As you can see, beside of Faceup section, I provided also two different sections – Eyes and Dolls, they are prepared for my other projects which are still in progress, although I hope to develope these areas soon.

On the top of the Faceup section you can find Order form, which will be open on 26th May at 7:00 pm UTC and will be available for 20 orders only, after that it closes. Please read the whole content before ordering to be sure you accept my prices and all the rules.

Thank you very much for your interest and support, I hope you will enjoy this page!