My collaboration with Do Dolls Dream company

Hello friends!

Maybe some of you know and some don’t that besides personal commissions for owners, I also paint for doll company Do Dolls Dream.

Our collaboration started last year, however we’ve been talking about it even earlier. Gosia, the company owner, firstly entrusted me her first BJD from her private collection. After I painted it, she was very happy with the results and  immediately asked me about collaboration. After some time, I have painted her first doll ever – Margaret and shortly I received a whole batch of Margaret’s heads to prepare them for their new owners. This was new and very different experience for me to paint a dozen of dolls exactly the same for the first time, but I easily got used to such work mode, and I’m very happy to offer my services for Gosia’s dolls, which are very lovely creatures. I really enjoy working with her, we understand each other well and eventually became friends, having fun each time we meet or work together.

DoDollsDream Margaret very first edition:

DoDollsDream Margaret Apple Jam Cafe edition: