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   I was born and raised in small town in west Poland. Since my early childhood, I loved playing with dolls of every kind. I showed also good manual skills and artistic ambitions, so my parents supported me and thanks to them I could attend to a couple of art courses. There I learned the basics of drawing, painting and graphic techniques.
Meanwhile I discovered ball jointed dolls world, I knew this is something for me right away. I joined the community and started my own collection, testing my skills and honing my taste.
After my high school I decided to apply for art studies. I chose a Set and Costume Design degree course at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. I graduated and I still live in the city.
After studies, I used to work in theaters and in film production as a costume designer and stylist. I also completed a stage makeup course, but most of this time I was also painting dolls.
I made fair progress in my skills and style since my high school days to this present moment. I know this is something I really want to do, however I have plans to offer even more to the doll community in the future.
I started taking commissions since 2010. I rised dynamically as an artist and doll collector through all these years. I have evolved my own style and beliefs about my creation, defining me in this very moment I am now. However it is a constant work in progress and I really enjoy the feeling of becoming more and more mature with every little step I take on my path.
In my private life I’m a happy fiancée, amateur singer and dedicated yogini.


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